I’m having a baby!  When and how do we get schedule infant photos?

Congratulations!  It is best to get babies infant photos done within the first 7 days of life.  Contact me as you are healthy and settled for pictures and we can schedule your infant session.  Bring all props you would like, outfit changes, plenty of diapers and supplies just in case!

Why don’t I get every photo taken during my session?

Depending on the session, hundreds of photos will be taken.  Some will not be the greatest quality if someone was moving during the photo (very common in child photography), if the lighting was off, or for various other reasons.  Every photo that is taken will need to be edited and converted to a downloadable, sharable and printable format.  For me to do that with every photo, it would take me hours.  So, I find the best prints of all of the poses (sometimes even multiple of the same pose), edit and share those for you.  I promise, you will get every great photo from the session!